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Friday, February 19, 2010 - 10:00
Petnica Science Center, Valjevo, Serbia







  • Opening (5 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
  • Training Overview (5 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
  • Introduction to Numerical Simulations (20 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
  • Case study - Making Planets (60. min.) - Branimir Ackovic
  • From Cluster Computing to Grid environment (30 min.) - Vladimir Slavnic
    • Distributed computer systems (Cluster, Grid, and Cloud computing)
  • Grid for eScience (15. min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    • General Grid and eScience concepts
    • Goals, context and structure of the EGEE (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE) project
    • Scope and activities within the SEE-GRID-SCI (SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience) project
    • AEGIS (Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia) infrastructure (existing and planned)
  • Capabilities of the gLite Services (60 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    • Authentication, authorization and security in gLite middleware
    • gLite Information systems
    • gLite Data management system
    • gLite Workload management system
  • gLite Job and Data Management (60 min.) - Nikola Grkic
    • The most important hands-on modules that are available on gLite services
    • Commands and workflow in submitting jobs within gLite middleware

List of training participants

First name Last name EGEE partner/Organisation Country (Of organisation) E-mail address
Nikola Markovic Gim. "S. Markovic" Serbia, Jagodina marckoick via
Marijana Milenkovic Borislav Petrov Braca Serbia, Jasenovo milenkovicm via
Tomislav Vulic Bogdan Sulut Serbia, Novi Sad serboomer via
Tijana Radenkovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd tijanamg via
Bogdana Stambolovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd bogdanastambolovic via
Vladimir Blagojevic Treca Beogradska gimnazija Serbia, Beograd
Milena Vujadinovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Sabac 94milena via
Lola Stankovic Gim. "Svetozar Markovic" Serbia, Nis lola.stankoiv via
Teodora Djordjevic Gim. "Svetozanr Markovic" Serbia, Nis teodoradjordjevic94 via
Milica Petrovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd crowded_desert via
Luka Petrovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd luka.petrovic via
Milos Milosevic Gimazija Krusevac Serbia, Krusevac milosmilosevic93 via
Jovan Milovanovic Gimnazija Krusevac Serbia, Krusevac mr.jovangi via
Vukan Levajac Prva kragujevacka Serbia, Kragujevac vukanlevac via
Davic Senicic Gimnazija Kraljevo Serbia, Kraljevo davsen via
Milos Cicmil Gim "J. J. ZMAJ" Serbia, Novi Sad milocicimil via
Igor Igor Martinovic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia
Dragan Simic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd dragansimic93 via
Nikola Pantelic Prva beogradska Serbia, Beograd nikolapa94 via
Stefan Stanojevic Matematicka gimnazija Serbia, Beograd stefs92 via

Photos from training

Training Photo Gallery

Contact person

Vladimir Slavnic

Phone: +381 11 3713152
Fax: +381 11 3162190

Scientific Computing Laboratory
Institute of Physics Belgrade
Pregrevica 118, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia

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