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In this exercise user should obtain prepared hybrid job, extract archive, list content of files, submit job on PARADOX cluster, monitor his progress with information from queue and when job is done list resaults file.

1. Login on ui.ipb.ac.rs:

$ ssh ngrkic@ui.ipb.ac.rs

2. Navigate to your folder in nfs filesystem.

$ cd /nfs/ngrkic

3. Download tgz archive with example files.

wget http://wiki.ipb.ac.rs/images/b/bb/Hybrid.tgz

4. Extract archive :

$ tar xvzf Hybrid.tgz

5. Enter Mpich folder

$ cd Hybrid

6. List content of folder:

$ ll

7. List content of job.pbs and files:

$ cat job.pbs
#PBS -q hpsee
#PBS -l nodes=4:ppn=8
#PBS -l walltime=10:00:00
#PBS -e ${PBS_JOBID}.err
#PBS -o ${PBS_JOBID}.out

chmod +x job

${MPI_OPENMPI_MPIEXEC} -np 4 -npernode 1 ./job

8. Submit job :

qsub job.pbs

qsub will print output :


9. Monitor your job :

qstat <jobID>.ce64.ipb.ac.rs

10.When job is done list content of <jobID>.ce64.ipb.ac.rs.out file :

cat <jobID>.ce64.ipb.ac.rs.out
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