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This page contains various examples how to submit jobs on the Grid as well as basic storage resources interaction tutorial. Examples are committed to new users, and people who want to try EGI Grid.

Simple job example.

Simple Job

Job collection example. It is defined as set of independent jobs. This greatly speeds up the job submission time, compared to the submission of individual jobs.

Job collection  

Direct acyclic graphs (DAG) job workflow, which are sets of jobs linked by relative dependencies. A job A is said to depend on job B, if A is not allowed to run before the job B is successfully completed.

DAG job

A parametric job is a job collection where the jobs are identical but for the value of a running parameter. It is described by a single JDL, where attribute values may contain the current value of the running parameter.

Parametric Job

The Message Passing Interface (MPI) is a commonly used standard library for parallel programming.

MPI job

Advanced job example

Advanced job

And here are some basic steps using grid SE resources. This example includes creating folder, removing folder, uploading a file, downloading a file, replicating a file, list replicas, deleting replicas.


Data management practical

LHC Computing Grid and LCG File Catalog 
Useful commands
Hands on task
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