EGEE Grid training for IPB Business Partners

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 10:00
SCL, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, Serbia






  • Opening (5 min.) - Aleksandar Belic
  • Training Overview (5 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
  • From Cluster Computing to Grid environment (30 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    • Cluster computing
    • Grid environment
  • Brief overview of EGEE, SEE-GRID-SCI and AEGIS projects (15. min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    • EGEE project (Enabling Grids for E-sciencE)
    • SEE-GRID-SCI project (SEE-GRID eInfrastructure for regional eScience)
    • AEGIS Initiative (Academic and Educational Grid Initiative of Serbia)
  • Grid services and nodes (60 min.) - Branimir Ackovic
    • User Interface (UI)
    • Worker Nodes (WN)
    • Computing Element (CE)
    • Storage Element
    • Site Berkely Database Information Index (sBDII)
    • Berkely Database Information Index (BDII)
    • Workload Management System (WMS)
    • Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS)
    • Logging and Bookkeeping service (LB)
    • MyProxy service (PX)
    • Logical File Catalog (LFC)
  • How to obtain and use grid certificate (30 min.) - Vladimir Slavnic
    • Certification Authority role
    • How to obtain certificate
    • How to use certificate
  • Computing resources at Grid (60 min.) - Nikola Grkic
    • Job Description Language (JDL)
    • Types of jobs
    • MPI on the Grid
  • Storage resources at Grid (45 min.) - Nikola Grkic
    • File transfer protocols
    • LFC tutorial
  • gEclipse (45 min.) - Nikola Grkic
  • HPC in Industry (20 min.) - Veljko Tasic, BTR
    • Turboinstitut

List of training participants

First name Last name EGEE partner/Organisation Country (Of organisation) E-mail address
Branimir Ackovic IPB – Belgrade Serbia acko via
Nikola Grkic IPB – Belgrade Serbia ngrkic via
Tatjana Jaksic MISANU Serbia tatjana via
Tatjana Davidovic MISANU Serbia tanjad via
Bojan Marinkovic MISANU Serbia bojanm via
Nemanja Martinovic IPB – Belgrade Serbia nemanja via
Smilja Filimonovic School of Medicine, University of Belgrade Serbia smilja via
Veljko Tasic BTR Serbia veljko.tasic via
Dejan Marijanac BTR Serbia dejan.marijanac via
Zoran Trutin Institut "Vinca" Serbia trule via
Nenad Rakic BTR Serbia nenad.rakic via
Dusan Vudragovic IPB – Belgrade Serbia dusan via
Vladimir Slavnic IPB – Belgrade Serbia slavnic via
Branimir Ackovic IPB – Belgrade Serbia acko via

Contact person

Branimir Ackovic

Phone: +381 11 3713152
Fax: +381 11 3162190

Scientific Computing Laboratory
Institute of Physics Belgrade
Pregrevica 118, 11080 Belgrade, Serbia

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