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  • lcg-cr – copies file to SE and register in catalog
  • lcg-cp – copies file from grid to local destination
  • lcg-del – delete one file from grid
  • lcg-rep – makes file replica on other SE
  • lcg-aa – makes new alias (new LFN) in catalog for given GUID or existing LFN
  • lcg-ra – delete existing alias for given GUID
  • lcg-rf – register existing file on SE into catalog
  • lcg-uf – delete register info of file on SE from catalog
  • lcg-la – LFN prints out all aliases for given SURL, GUID or LFN
  • lcg-lg – prints out GUID for given LFN or SURL
  • lcg-lr – prints out all replicas for given GUID, SURL or LFN
  • lfc-mkdir – create new directory in catalog
  • lfc-chmod – changes permissions for using a file or directory
  • lfc-chown – changes owner of file or directory
  • lfc-setcomment – adds comment on file
  • lfc-delcomment – deletes comment
  • lfc-ln -s – creates symbolic link on file/directory
  • lfc-ls – lists content of given file or directory
  • lfc-rm – deletes file/directory from catalog
  • lfc-rename – renames fail/directory
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