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2MASS NGC 3198

Main script

The main script:

 ./ ngc3198_mosaic_[j,h,k].fits

is calculating background using IRAF's with [5,3,3]*sigma and taking the mean value. Than it calls SEXtractor.

SEXtractor parameters

 DETECT_MINAREA   5.            # minimum number of pixels above threshold
 DETECT_THRESH    5.            # <sigmas> or <threshold>,<ZP> in mag.arcsec-2
 ANALYSIS_THRESH  5.            # <sigmas> or <threshold>,<ZP> in mag.arcsec-2

 DEBLEND_NTHRESH  32             # Number of deblending sub-thresholds
 DEBLEND_MINCONT  0.005          # Minimum contrast parameter for deblending
 BACK_VALUE	 background      # FROM ITERSTAT.CL

It creates doEllipse_ngc3198_mosaic_[j,h,k].py file for python:

 python doEllipse_ngc3198_mosaic_[j,h,k].py

All initial values for ELLIPSE task taken from mass.param mass.param file.


  • Only initial PA must be set to -30, otherwise it wont give meaningful values.


media:h.5s.gif media:ngc3198.h.model.5s.gif media:ngc3198.h.resid.5s.gif


media:k.5s.gif media:ngc3198.k.model.5s.gif media:ngc3198.k.resid.5s.gif

1D decomposition

media:ngc3198.j.png media:ngc3198.h.png media:ngc3198.k.png

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