How to Reach Institute of Physics

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Institute of Physics is located in Pregrevica 118 street in Zemun.

see map

To reach us from Zeleni Venac bus station you can use buses 84, 704, 706 or 707. For lines 84 and 704 go to the station "Tršćanska" (ТРШЋАНСКА Cyrillic). For lines 706 and 707 go to the station "Filipa Višnjića" (ФИЛИПА ВИШЊИЋА Cyrillic).

Taxi service from center of the Belgrade (main bus station, train station, city center) will cost you about 500 dinars (6-7 EUR). You can get taxi from airport for same money, but do not use local drivers. You can call some taxi services on: (+381 11) 9801, 9802, 9803, 9804, 9805 or 9806.

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