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  1. Create directory (name it with your username) in directory >>> Ubaci putanju <<<
  2. List content of directory >>>Ubaci putanju<<<
  3. Change permissions on your folder, so that other users don't have write permission.
  4. List available Storage Elements
  5. Create file file.txt on your UI
  6. Copy file.txt on some other available SE i register file.txt in created folder
  7. List informations about that file in catalog
  8. Make replica of file on other SE
  9. Make another alias for file.txt
  10. List informations about alias
  11. Rename alias
  12. Find GUID for given alias
  13. Find SURL for given alias
  14. Register file with given SURL
  15. List all replicas for given LFN
  16. List all aliases for given LFN
  17. Download file from SE to local computer
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